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    Made fake Email to Try VBucks Scams

    I don't understand how anyone falls for them, they're so... so obvious that they're fake.

    26 august 2018 08:03 2830

    Some people may be too dumb

    26 august 2018 17:31 2830

    give my a code

    28 august 2018 10:53 2830

    its so obvious

    28 august 2018 23:08 2830

    The game's fanbase is mostly kids, so it's no surprise they would fall for it. You can get the 'Boogie Down' emote just for enabling 2-factor authentication on your Epic account, that's how bad the situation is. Talking about scams, have you tried the V-bucks rewards in here? Like, how are they supposed to give you the bucks?

    30 august 2018 15:07 2830

    Lol dont be such a douche... scams are crime.

    30 august 2018 15:08 2830

    Wow. People are just so stupid these days. But watch out scaming is a crime.

    31 august 2018 08:45 2830

    I think a lot of it is down to the fact that those types of websites and generators used to work back in the day ****. I used a coin generator for Club Penguin when I was younger so I know some used to work

    31 august 2018 12:09 2830

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