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    Star Trek Online

    (4.06/5) 1172 rates

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    Soul Gems

    For 3 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Advance to the level 5

    How to get your task accepted

    I know that there is some sort of screenshot bug. But I know how to fix it. Just make a screenshot of your log with the mission selected and send it. When your task gets rejected just send a ticket to Misty with all the details about your screenshot and there you have it! Your Soul Gems are in. GOOD LUCK!!!

    24 august 2018 13:21 2203

    KasKasper's method works on all the games not just this one.

    24 august 2018 19:46 2203

    but it works!

    24 august 2018 19:48 2203

    you can also paste it in paint, and then circle your account name and level ;) ! If not accepted, send misty and it's done :)

    25 august 2018 00:10 2203

    I tried this and they still rejected it. :( I sent my screenshot in again, but if it gets rejected again, I guess I'll try circling my username and the mission completion log in bright red. There's a lot on the screen, so they might be having difficulty seeing what I want to show them. You're not supposed to edit your screenshots, though, so I'm nervous about getting in trouble.

    5 october 2018 09:53 2203

    what problems?

    27 october 2018 21:24 2203

    where is your log in this game?

    29 october 2018 01:21 2203

    i keep getting rejected , sending new screenshots so i dont know how to get past leve2, misty doesnt reply, she just keeps saying be patien!

    10 november 2018 08:29 2203

    is it worth a try or does it take to long to complete the tasks?

    29 december 2018 23:31 2203

    Where do you find the log?

    1 january 2019 13:16 2203

    They keep rejecting it and i contacted Misty. It takes more than a day to reply back to me. They say its n old account when i am a new user and used the same account to complete the first task which was to be level 5. Now i am level 10. I kept on saying its a new account and even showed the date when i completed the tasks to get to level 10 and 5.

    2 january 2019 01:17 2203

    I'm not even able to download this because it takes like forever! :(

    3 january 2019 03:10 2203

    Btw guys, as you know, this game is from arc. If you have more than 1 game from arc with the same arc account, your screenshots wont be accepted. you have to make a new arc account with similar nickname.

    5 january 2019 15:52 2203

    Thanks for the advice. I might give the game a try. Hopefully it will be a fun game, even for someone who hasn't watched Star Trek yet.

    27 february 2019 06:12 2203

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