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    5 days of "The reward is being prepared for dispatch." Anyone else?

    I got "The reward is being prepared for dispatch." on my reward. How long you waited for reward?

    24 august 2018 05:50 1628

    It can take up to a month depending on what you ordered
    Especially if it's a trendy often demanded product like steam wallet code or a 3A title
    Be patient that's the way to go

    24 august 2018 11:17 1628

    Hi good day you both magnificent. Here is my experience, my first time (I'm newbie), though the reward was came from the given chest (I forgot the name of the chest). After I opened that chest I've got the reward called JAILBREAK and then putted in the inventory and when I clicked, it had the same message "The reward is being prepared for dispatch." Actually I don't understand that, so I just ignore, I'm just like - whatever hahaha. I felt that time it was useless. But the next day, surprisingly my soul gems had increase, so I looked at the notification and I saw "+399 refund for an order JAILBREAK" even I don't understand what was going on, I was glad :D. For your question how long, That was just took for a day or less. Maybe @skybrf is right, it depends on the item.

    27 december 2018 02:07 1628

    24 hours for me. Random steam key

    27 december 2018 08:54 1628

    What did you order though?

    27 december 2018 14:23 1628

    My Mad Max took 4, 5 days

    28 december 2018 05:50 1628

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