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    I Wasted a 1Week to complete a wall offer. after completion i checkked gamehag there was no gems And the wall was gone where i started that offer. i wasted 1 week and even didnt get my 2300 SG!!

    22 august 2018 16:14 1628

    Anyone know how i can get my SG or i dont have even chance?

    22 august 2018 16:16 1628

    Go to their FAQ and check, since one of their questions is about that but from what I remember you do not get a reward

    23 august 2018 18:06 1628

    Theres no faq on wall of monster. theres only tasks and thats all

    23 august 2018 21:18 1628

    Buddy the regulations with the offer wall tasks are the worst
    There used to be a good offer wall by Fyber but it's not working with gamehag any more
    Trust me on this one forget about Wall offers

    24 august 2018 11:26 1628

    okey ty buddy

    24 august 2018 17:19 1628

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