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    Cheaper rewards in game page?

    This only seems to happen with Star Trek Online. If I open the game page (https://gamehag.com/games/star-trek-online) and scroll down to rewards, it says there aren't any rewards available for this game followed by some steam wallet rewards and csgo skins, but the thing is they cost less than when I click on them to get to the reward page. For example: Steam wallet 10€ costs 4480 SG in star trek page, but 5599 SG on the actual reward page, maybe I should report this bug to Misty?

    19 august 2018 19:49 1628

    Noice post matey

    19 august 2018 21:08 1628

    help me desu

    20 august 2018 00:49 1628

    i dont love this game

    24 august 2018 13:03 1628

    Is it a bug?

    20 november 2018 17:56 1628

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