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    Problems with 1st task

    Anyone else getting denied for the first task saying that you need to create a new account yet you have proof you literally just created the account the same day and submitting the task? Starting to think Gamehag needs to give their task reviewer the can and hire someone that knows what they are doing.

    11 december 2020 05:49 2156

    here twice both new account still rejected

    8 january 2021 08:33 2156

    I get this error that says to refresh the page and try again when submitting the screenshot

    14 january 2021 08:25 2156

    Just submitted my first attempt. I'll let you know!
    Did your photo come from a screen capture or did you take it with your phone and upload?

    17 january 2021 17:25 2156


    17 january 2021 18:34 2156

    you need to confirm it via email

    29 march 2021 07:48 2156

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