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    One of the first users on this site finally returning?

    I've recently somehow stumbled back upon this site so I decided to check it out for a little while and have only just realized how much it blew up! I'm probably going to use the site for a little considering it's the only trust-worthy system of the sorts. I'd like to thank the dev(s) of the site for continuing to put effort into it, whilst still delivering prizes to people!

    > Proof i was (one of) the first users is that I wrote the very first 2 articles that the website had.

    18 august 2018 22:29 1628

    Welcome back 😃

    19 august 2018 01:45 1628

    Welcome! How is the site now compared with its first days? Are the tasks paying better or worse?

    19 august 2018 08:49 1628

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