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    Wolf team is dead-space and a pointless download

    wolf team 4 gigs of dead space as no one is playing the game. i downloaded it logged on completed the tutorial only to find that all of the available servers were completely empty. I deleted the wasted space game.

    16 august 2018 06:53 3073

    ye its insane how old these games are

    15 december 2018 19:31 3073

    Well thats dissapointing

    30 september 2019 06:17 3073

    this is my childhood game it was actually better then zula and many other shooter games imo because you can turn to a werewolf which is very nice imo

    13 january 2020 17:02 3073

    very old game too much years gone...

    9 february 2020 15:31 3073

    Thanks for answering my question lol was curious as to if anyone aged it anymore haha

    15 august 2020 13:48 3073

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