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    I Keep Getting Demoted

    I dont know how but misty always demotes my level twice or thrice for no reason at all.All i did was watch the ad TV and then comment and talk on forums.but it says you have been demoted for your disgraceful behaviour

    1 december 2020 02:41 1628

    You can go on the discord, ask for support. If they do not know why, I reccomend attempting to recieve the owners attention.

    1 december 2020 03:48 1628

    YES! SAME HERE!!! 😡 I am so angered by this system!!!

    1 december 2020 09:08 1628

    It's because you spam. Writing useless/unneeded is considered spamming and judging by your forum activity, you can expect to lose even more XP.

    1 december 2020 13:18 1628

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