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    i would like to complain about soul gems and chest. i tryed to get 1600 gems before the black chest's deadline. i needed only 200 gems. i made 3 tasks and i didn't get feedback before deadline and the TV zone was wrong too. so i couldn't got my soulgems and my chest because no one looked at the tasks and TV had a bug

    28 november 2020 00:21 1628

    at least you didn't complain that you lost soul gems from gambling on chests. pretty cringy how people complain about that lol.

    28 november 2020 04:14 1628

    lol, chest are just gambling with really really bad odds

    28 november 2020 08:32 1628

    Do not buy the chests. It will keep on giving you the worst reward in that chest. I have never seen anyone get anything good from the chests.

    29 november 2020 13:36 1628

    Same! I tried to got a 400 SG chest and got 1 soul gem out of it! I used up 400 SG and then got 1SG! So instead I just but the reward. I think you should do the same becasue buying a chest just means wasting your money.

    29 november 2020 14:19 1628

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