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    Why im quitting gamehag:

    I'm quitting gamehag after months of trying to reach level 3 I've been trying to comment and finish tasks. I don't even spam and I try to make a fair reasonable statement. my article keeps getting rejected. and whenever I finish writing it and submit it for approval WITHOUT IT EVEN BEING PUBLIC LOWERS MY LEVEL. It's just a big waste of time. also in Roblox, u could get banned for using these types of websites so save urself some time and don't use this site. (and also if one of the ppl working here sees this pls make more quests for pc and laptop users. bearly anything other than survey i don't feel safe answering)

    24 november 2020 15:04 1628

    Just don t answer with ur personal data then, also, just wait

    24 november 2020 18:26 1628

    Then dont buy them, how i got to LVL 3?? Finish tasks and don't spam, i can see it on your profile, you are commenting nonsense words on threads, and that is spam.

    26 november 2020 15:00 1628

    why does it take so long for me to get soul gems i sent them a screenshot of the finnished task about 15 hours ago

    26 november 2020 15:06 1628

    and also what happens when you unlock another level

    26 november 2020 15:08 1628

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