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    how to earn gem from the general discussion?

    can someone tell me how to earn gem from general discussion

    22 november 2020 02:43 1628

    You need to comment on it. But there is time limit 5 comments per 24 hours. Misty said so...

    25 november 2020 11:06 1628

    You don't earn gems from commenting, you get xp. You can however, get 1 soulgem for successfully reporting spam comments by clicking that triangle with an exclamation mark at the bottom right of each comment. If you abuse this, you will be blacklisted

    26 november 2020 03:58 1628

    theres only a certain amount of time you can comment and get xp a day. then you have to wait 24 hours

    26 november 2020 17:07 1628

    Most of the challenge, especially the surveys are all out. what more can someone do??

    26 november 2020 17:43 1628

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