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    Task requirement for earning SG in App-zone?

    So I've already done 2 surveys (+1 that didn't credit) over the last 2 days to be able to earn more SG from the app zone. It says a task or contract needs to be completed in order to continue earning, and I've already done that but still the message persists in the app zone. Is there an amount that I need to earn from tasks that it isn't telling me?

    21 november 2020 13:23 1628


    21 november 2020 14:44 1628

    Now the tv zone is showing a similar message. Is there a minimum amount that I need to earn from tasks?

    23 november 2020 20:38 1628

    i don't trust much about the surveys and videos. the games seem to be a much more effective way to earn SG, a lot of times other services just don't give you what they're supposed to

    23 november 2020 21:12 1628

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