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    I noticed something rather suspicious.

    Yesterday, while completing offers and climbing the leaderboard I found myself in first place for most of the day.

    As I was watching the timer reach the end of the day this is when I noticed something quite suspicious. In the last 60 seconds, 2 users at the exact same time hit the top of the leaderboard.
    I then looked over all the users on the leaderboard to see where they came from and it was no surprise that they were never even ranked anywhere in the top 50.
    So how was it possible that 2 users at the same time beat out everyone on the site? Well, let's take a look at their activity.
    Here we see the first user has only completed 1 offer for the entire day.
    And here we see the second user has only completed 1 offer for the entire day. You're probably thinking "That offer must pay a lot". Well, not exactly.
    Not only are both of these users fairly new, but the only activity they had for the entire day still doesn't explain how they hit the top of the leaderboard at the same time with seconds left. It also doesn't explain how they have so many Soul Gems for not completing any offers or having next to no activity. One last thing I would like to note is how I was sitting at 14,166 total Soul Gems before the timer ended and even though I finished in 3rd (300 SG reward) I still have 14,166 Soul Gems.
    My conclusion is that there is some dishonest activity in the works. There have already been Reddit posts about how their giveaways are rigged and how they end seconds after they start to ensure certain users win. This is no different. They don't want to pay out those daily rewards so they move around accounts to make you think you were just unlucky when really there a form of sabotage in the works. It's the same reason why most offers get refused in a very inconsistent manner or how some users with zero activity and zero offers completed have $50-$100 in pre-paid Visa cards bought on their account.

    10 august 2018 22:22 1628

    I see it too, there's like 4 people up there that magically have 7k+ soul gems from playing star trek alone, it doesn't add up as it gives 3390 with the special deal.

    11 august 2018 00:47 1628

    why doesn't this surprise me at all?

    11 august 2018 02:59 1628

    I'm trying to think in a way for you to get your gems, but the only thing I can come up with is for you to contact support with this information/proof, but i don't think this will solve the matter

    11 august 2018 03:02 1628

    It reminds me of the whole TmarTn/ProSyndicate thing when they show you one thing (trading website) but behind the curtain, there is someone moving things around and fixing how things play out.

    11 august 2018 03:07 1628


    11 august 2018 03:10 1628

    I plan on monitoring the site my closely because I feel like there is more going on than what it seems. I speculate there is some money syphoning happening here.

    11 august 2018 03:15 1628

    You can send soul gems to other users so maybe that counts toward your daily/monthly total on the rankings? Could be people with more then one account gifting to the other account.

    11 august 2018 06:52 1628

    Finally, a drama worth watching in this sites

    11 august 2018 07:34 1628

    Nice finding btw

    11 august 2018 07:38 1628

    I guess this website is untrustworthy then
    But what can we do

    11 august 2018 18:31 1628

    Dude this site is just a poker filler for it's developers but it still is a nice alternative to all the other sites out there don't you agree to some extent and by the looks of it u are doing well

    11 august 2018 22:53 1628

    It's sad, but no surprise. This site could be awesome, I never understand why they sabotage their own work.

    12 august 2018 17:55 1628

    This is definitely very fishy.

    13 august 2018 02:14 1628

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