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    How do we get to level 3

    Hi all, Just wondering what we need to do to get to level 3. I'm level 2 and my current task asks me to do something where I need to cash out - in order to gain - however the only way I worked out get XP is to complete tasks... Pretty confusing =)

    20 november 2020 18:04 1628

    ah okay, so you may have noticed the tutorial... I'm joking, that would be a rude thing to say. But honestly, there's nothing limiting you to only complete one task at a time, various methods of gaining xp include completing tasks, commenting on forums, or some offers on the offerwall... Not so sure about that last one.

    20 november 2020 18:25 1628

    Thanks - I'll see if I can find some more tasks =)

    20 november 2020 18:33 1628

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