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    Can I sell my Robux?

    I got Robux in a chest here and I don't play Roblox so I have no use for it, but there was no option to sell it for gems.

    20 november 2020 16:54 1628

    no you cant

    20 november 2020 17:27 1628

    You can't sell robux on the website but you can claim it or you can just give it to someone and make his day.
    My in game username in roblox is GamingMax001.
    :) you don't have to.

    20 november 2020 18:35 1628

    why'd you buy/open a chest if you knew you didnt have a use for it?

    20 november 2020 19:54 1628

    I mean you can give it to me

    20 november 2020 20:10 1628

    no I'm pretty sure you can't(but I can see why Roblox got really cringe and boring lately)

    20 november 2020 21:58 1628

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