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    Black Chest

    So there appeared a new chest in my inventory, called Black Chest. It looks like it has some nice rewards. Has anyone opened it yet?

    20 november 2020 15:22 1628

    No, but I am always getting random steam cd key from these types of chests. 😔

    22 november 2020 11:49 1628

    This intersting and i find it exitng

    22 november 2020 16:16 1628

    i have opened it already.. got a random steam-CD key with a cheap game that has negative reviews and when i tried to add it to my account it told me it was a duplicate unfortunately... i hope you all get better items than i did lol

    23 november 2020 21:11 1628

    always getting random steam cd keys

    23 november 2020 23:11 1628

    this game is so good i knew that i wont lvl up bcs misty wont make me level up for robux

    24 november 2020 06:18 1628

    unlucky bro

    24 november 2020 07:48 1628

    I just opened up my Black Chest and got a Random Steam Key called Project Druid - 2D Labyrinth Explorer-. Sadly, I already gotten this game last year. I wish I can somehow exchange it for a game that I don't have.

    26 november 2020 16:54 1628

    Maybe you can go to a trading forum and try to exchange it with someone there?

    26 november 2020 19:20 1628

    Uno Bruh momento, many of these chests are like 10 cent games.

    26 november 2020 19:48 1628

    I'm kinda afraid to trade with a random stranger in fears of getting a used key. o_O

    1 december 2020 01:38 1628

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