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    Its Fortnite getting full of Toxic kids?

    What do yall think?

    17 november 2020 01:52 1628

    tell guys your opinion

    17 november 2020 01:53 1628

    I think most online communities end up getting toxic at some point. It is unavoidable.

    17 november 2020 14:01 1628

    Check how far you can dig while searching for gold in mysterious dungeons. Watch out for traps set everywhere and for enemies who are hiding deep underground and waiting for your arrival. Dig a safe path that will lead you straight to the treasures! Change heroes, each of them has unique skills.

    17 november 2020 14:10 1628

    definitely, i can't play a squads match without a clan called like T0xIc_Rapper. I can hardly play creative public without someone putting in a edit speedrun...

    17 november 2020 14:34 1628

    yeah, true

    17 november 2020 14:44 1628

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