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    Kynseed Review - Traidable

    Kynseed is a new life and farming simulation in Early Access on Steam. It focuses on allowing players to journey through multiple generations of of the family tree, and continue playing even after your character grows too old to take care of the farm you upkeep.


    Kynseed is a game which starts off quite slow. However, as it is still in Early Access / Alpha build, that is to be expected. The developers are still working on clearing all of the bugs and tweaking the game for all players to have a more enjoyable experience while playing.


    Kynseed honestly plays with a nice peaceful atmosphere. However, the controls are quite a bit of work to get used to. The game seems to be developed with the intention of being played with a gamepad/controller. While it is fully functional with a keyboard, something just seems off.

    When playing with a controller, the following things tended to bother myself as a regular PC gamers:

    - When speaking with an NPC in the game, you have multiple choices. Whether you want to gift them something, speak to them, or so on. To select what you want to do, you drag your mouse in the direction of the choice. It just feel a bit off.

    - The running is a bit too slow for my liking. The map is huge, so I feel like the running should be a bit quicker. However, eventually waypoints/teleportation points can be unlocked if you play and explore enough.



    Pictured Above: The World Map, and The Local Map of the player's farm.


    Kynseed has a very beautiful pixelated art style. The pixels are constantly moving, which can throw some people off. However, it fits the atmosphere of the game. A peaceful, yet mysterious valley and village within a large wooded area. The art style is very, very well designed from such a small independent game developer.

    There is not too much else to mention regarding the graphics. They fit what the developer was going for, and that should be something to keep in mind.


    Pictured Above: The player speaks to their father, showing the style of dialogue boxes and pixel graphics.

    Sound Design

    There is a very specific style of sound/music design that is implemented into Kynseed. The beautiful music, paired with the ambient sounds of nature living its life truly immerses the player into the world the developers have created.

    If you are a fan of folky, fantasy-style music, this game's soundtrack is definitely for you!


    Pictured Above: Kynseed's Inventory System.


    When putting a rating out of 10 on Kynseed, it's a very tough decision. The game seems to lack, but that's not in the slightest bit a fault, as it still is extremely early in its development. Though, with the rough-around-the-edges controls, and the lack of fully developed content past the first generator or two, it does require a bit of work before a full, fair rating can be given.

    Until then, I, Traidable, will rate Kynseed...


    10 november 2020 22:27 1625

    i dont think is soo good game.

    12 november 2020 00:59 1625

    it is so a very good game

    14 november 2020 01:11 1625

    Вау не знал

    14 november 2020 04:18 1625

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    15 november 2020 20:19 1625

    Hii how yall doing

    15 november 2020 21:06 1625

    still looks nice

    19 november 2020 12:03 1625

    It looks promissable actually

    19 november 2020 12:09 1625

    hey hello wsup guyz?

    19 november 2020 13:26 1625

    hay guys whatsup?

    19 november 2020 13:32 1625

    bu çok çok iyi bir oyun

    29 november 2020 09:24 1625

    hi how are you guys?

    29 november 2020 09:25 1625

    I need GS for robux

    29 november 2020 09:25 1625

    and I need xp

    29 november 2020 09:25 1625

    now I will spam

    29 november 2020 09:25 1625

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