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    People downvoting all the posts?

    I've been looking through a lot of threads and I find that often every post has one or 2 downvotes even if the post is good. What gives?

    8 november 2020 17:48 1628

    maybe just its a XP thing or something

    8 november 2020 19:52 1628

    Yeah... I noticed that, myself. I just clicked the thumbs up, as a test. I don't see it being with gaining XP. I clicked thumbs down on a spam post & nothing happened with the XP as well. Maybe it's some of the spammers doing that.... thinking they'll gain XP. 🤔

    8 november 2020 20:57 1628

    Probably just spammers. Though in some cases, I've heard people downvoting comments because they missed the 'report' button.

    To be fair, liking or disliking any comments on Gamehag has no real impacts whatsoever.

    8 november 2020 21:18 1628

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