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    Hey guys I have been using Gamehag for a month and I collected enough SG for my reward. However, since I'm only level 2 I can't claim it. Any suggestions on how to level up? Thanks in advance!

    8 november 2020 12:21 1628

    Hello! From what I noticed. You can post about 5 times a day on the forums to gain some xp towards leveling up. As long as it's not spam. You can also comment on some articles/game reviews to sorta help with xp. I'm not sure if there's really any other ways to level up other than that.

    8 november 2020 20:35 1628

    Pretty much like WUG88 put it. The only ways to increase XP are either completing the quests in the games, or commenting, either on the articles or on the forums. But as said before, commenting too much can lead to said comments being labeled as spam and deleted, which will also cause you to lose any gained XP.

    However, if I remember correctly and that element hasn't changed over the years, XP builds up far faster from all sources, even from comments, if your level is lower than 3. Just keep going. It's the only real advice I can give.

    8 november 2020 21:22 1628

    thank you!

    8 november 2020 21:25 1628

    5 posts per day on the fourms or comments on articles, other than that you just have to keep completing tasks

    9 november 2020 01:21 1628

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