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    how to find the no. of battles won in crossout

    to any other out struggling like me how to find the no. of battles won in crossout, then here is the answer go to the medals then missions and then see the win 100 battles achievement, from there u can see the no. of wins

    7 november 2020 16:45 2176

    Thanks I was losing my mind trying to find some sort of counter.

    8 november 2020 09:03 2176

    thank you so much i was trying to find it

    8 november 2020 09:09 2176

    can anyone please tell me what PVP quest means and where can I find it in the game menu ? thanks in advance!

    8 november 2020 10:26 2176

    TY So MUCh

    9 november 2020 11:00 2176

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