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    Is this game have anti cheat?

    I really don't like to play a game full of hackers so I am curious is this game have anti cheat system. Another problem is the game is too big, it consume so much storage but I would like to play the game. I've heard the game is good.

    4 november 2020 16:22 2188

    i dont mean that have, but search in google bro, im sure your find there, but I suggest you to play differnet games everytime, not in one game, to get more PROFESIONAL GAMER in every kind of game

    17 november 2020 11:54 2188

    maybe it has cause its really popular

    9 january 2021 12:41 2188

    Warface does have an anti-vheat. However, the aniticheat that they are using isn't the best and this still allows players to be able to cheat in the game.

    5 february 2021 16:04 2188

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