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    Can't claim steam chest?

    I tried to claim the steam chest for today and it said I could only claim it once every 24 hours, but there was no timer on it before then and after trying to claim it there was a timer for 1d+ on it. I have no chest for today and a 1d timer now for nothing. I think this is a bug. Does anyone else have this issue or is it just me?

    2 november 2020 01:04 1628

    I think it's just a visual bug or something along the lines of that, I'd get a 16 hour timer on my steam chest every time I open it in the morning but after a couple of hours the timer goes

    2 november 2020 03:10 1628

    I could swear I'd already responded to this, but no it wasn't that. I mean when I went to claim it, there was no timer, I clicked check to get the chest, and it saida chest can only be received every 24 hours. After that it showed a 1d+ timer on it, and the popup when clicking it on the chests page had the check button changed to a red block of text saying a chest can only be received once every 24 hours, as if I had got the chest (though the timer should have been 23h+ instead of 1d+ so something was wrong even so). There were no chests in my inventory at all after that, I couldn't try to open it because I didn't get it. Nevertheless I managed to get the chest today fine so idk what happened yesterday but I missed out on that chest and the giveaway for Zball II that required opening a steam chest as a task.

    3 november 2020 00:51 1628

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