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    It is better that GAMEHAG to add adult games?

    A very good possibility to have huge earnings, both site and users, it is to add adult +18 games.

    31 october 2020 10:32 1628

    Of course not, why do you think this would be a good idea ? Most of the users here are less than 18 years old

    31 october 2020 13:50 1628

    And for that users UNDER 18 yo, the huge violence it is better? Could be a section only for adults. Also, that users under 18yo, have already access to adult content elsewhere. More, this is a site only for trading. Does that users under 18yo have the right to trade? You think that users under 18yo STOLE money from parents to spend here?

    31 october 2020 14:49 1628

    It is better to have an ,,adult only,, section here. This will bring to us more earnings and also for gamehag.

    31 october 2020 14:57 1628

    Child have to have acces only to minigames section. We need more posibility for earning. This site it is not for under 18yo users. This is a bussiness, not a place only for those under 18yo.

    31 october 2020 16:00 1628

    there is nutaku for that... Gamehag being made by Mindy probably won't have adult games... And i like it like that...

    24 november 2020 20:23 1628

    Yeah, an adult section never stopped anyone from entering. Just look at the average age at which kids start watching on the hub, it's 10. Also, I don't think many 18+ games exist and need the help of gamehag to get popular. Nutaku is one, and is honestly so popular they pull in more money than most mobile games. Gamehag does have "Kingdom wars Game of Lust" which isn't exactly an adult game but does include mature content.

    25 november 2020 01:54 1628

    the better way to improve Gamehag is removing sections like Roblox and Fortnite, full of spam and repetitive topics

    26 november 2020 00:41 1628

    I think they wont cause they are 13+ users like me

    26 november 2020 13:53 1628

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