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    What do you think are a few underrated games that everyone should check out?

    We do play a lot of games and due to the sheer number of games available a lot of games go under our radar, but in them a few truly shine. What would be these games?

    31 october 2020 07:09 1628

    Pro Evolution Soccer ⚽, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts (Anyway Konami and Square-Enix make great games - there are a lot more of them) or a perfect Czech 🇨🇿dungeon crawler - 7 mages, as a successor of Gates of Skeldal. 😎

    31 october 2020 10:33 1628

    Final fantasy is not underrated. But I would like to add some indie and browser games like krunker and some other one that I forgot.

    31 october 2020 20:05 1628

    Krunker and Mini-Royle 2 are some good browser FPS, also do check out club penguin rewritten

    1 november 2020 05:33 1628

    Indie games in general are underrated. Some of them put much more effort than big companies like EA.

    1 november 2020 18:38 1628

    Boid, probably my favourite RTS type game.

    2 november 2020 01:29 1628

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