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    How to get minigames working in browser?

    I tried the minigames here and they don't seem to work for me (using a desktop browser). Not sure if something is required to get them to work or something. Does anyone play them and can confirm they work for you? If so, can you share what browser you use?

    31 october 2020 03:24 1628

    They should work in Chrome, do check if flash player is enabled in your browser, that should fix it

    31 october 2020 07:00 1628

    Minigames works in gamehag app perfectly. However, I have problems getting rewards from browser. Maybe its because of your browser configuration, try changing it or play minigames in gamehag app like me. 🎮

    31 october 2020 10:23 1628

    I downloaded the app and while the mini games do work, I can't seem to earn SG from them. It displays a message that I need to complete some tasks in a game or a contract, but I just completed a contract (survey) a few minutes ago and got the credited gems from it so the task was definitely completed and it still says I need to do this. Any idea why? I get the same issue with the TV zone on the desktop browser.

    3 november 2020 04:41 1628

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