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    Can I use an android emulator (like bluestacks) on PC to complete tasks?

    Will i get soul gems if I instead use an android emulator like BlueStacks on my PC to complete the mobile tasks?

    1 august 2018 22:51 1628

    @Impatech Technically speaking I don't see a problem with it since I used Nox App Player to finish the task for "Adventure with Misty". I'm currently playing "Lords Mobile" with Nox, so we'll see if that works.

    2 august 2018 01:11 1628

    I am wondering the same

    3 august 2018 02:37 1628

    Technically it could work but in my opinion you shouldn't use these Android emulators. Some can contain malware, spyware or miners. This happened before so you must know the risks before downloading one of those. If I were you I would use a tablet or phone that you are not using for anything other than completing tasks without that has no personal information on the device just to keep you safe.

    27 december 2019 12:24 1628

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