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    Possibility to discuss the removal of comments/threads

    It would be nice to be able to discuss the reasons why comments or threads got removed. I actually do have the following problem: Out of 2 threads and about 15-20 comments i wrote within the last 3 weeks only 4 comments are still live. In my opinion, none of the comments/threads violated any terms of the forum. I did already write with the support and with a forum moderator. Both of them told me, they cant see who removed the posts and why. Both told me that probably a moderator made a mistake, which shouldnt happen but still does. I think there should be any way to contest the removal of a comment or thread. Or at least a way to get any further information about the reasons why a comment got removed. I dont want to do the same mistakes again and again. But the way it is now, i can just post this thread and pray to god as i dont know wether its going to be online tomorrow any more.

    26 october 2020 15:08 8369

    I agree. I suspect the threads I made last time I logged on are gone but I have no idea why. There were lots of replies to some of them and I was interested to see the replies. They were discussion topics like favourite music and some questions about gamehag (I'm new) and I can't find them now.

    29 october 2020 19:22 8369

    yeah, mine were similar. One about a broken link, another one about a new league champ. Both deleted. And about 15 deleted comments, most of them somewhat informational.

    29 october 2020 22:34 8369

    Thank you for your suggestion and it has been sent to the team for consideration!
    Locking thread. 🔒

    2 november 2020 10:39 8369

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