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    I keep losing XP

    I keep losing XP for some reason even tho I didn't do anything wrong.

    23 october 2020 15:03 1628

    Same here man idk what happening

    23 october 2020 15:07 1628

    me too, is that due to the Toad thing?

    23 october 2020 17:23 1628

    Oh if you don't login daily you lose some amount of exp and when you login daiky do a task or watch a video or something.

    23 october 2020 17:27 1628

    Is there some sort of XP cap?

    26 october 2020 00:33 1628

    Right so I just got a notification that I've lost a level for "disgraceful behaviour" I don't understand why either.

    26 october 2020 00:56 1628

    you gotta earn some sg to avoid becoming frog - and also losing xp

    26 october 2020 00:59 1628

    I might be mistaken but I think it was because someone downvoted a post of mine here: https://gamehag.com/forum/t/408441-how-to-get-xp21 - do downvotes also make you lose XP?

    26 october 2020 02:12 1628

    Spamming the forums most likely don't help.

    26 october 2020 03:55 1628

    I keep on losing xp when i don't even spam

    17 january 2021 00:14 1628

    commenting twice will be counted as spam reporting not spam reduce xp

    17 january 2021 01:27 1628

    if you post bad commentaries, u will lose it

    17 january 2021 16:39 1628

    Thats stupid imo. Why cant we just have a short answer to someones question, Do we need everything to be as long as the thing im writing right now? I understand its to keep the bots or smth but does short possible answers should end up as spam? Btw lost 1 level for no reason, no spam and whatsoever, I cant claim rewards if im level 1 ****

    18 january 2021 18:36 1628

    @line_madsen thanks for the clarification. I have found though that many of my posts and threads get deleted despite not meeting those criteria, and I have seen decent posts by others get deleted too while the spam stays behind. If all the reported posts are being manually reviewed by the mods, it appears there is at least one mod who is frankly doing a bad job or there is some kind of bug which should be addressed.

    19 january 2021 21:04 1628

    I love how everyday I lose a level and I get back up but then it decides to put me down again because I apparently Spammed, which mind you I did not, so not sure why it keeps doing this to me, either because gamehag hates me or they actually think im spamming.

    13 february 2021 22:08 1628

    Yeah even I'm not sure why I keep losing XP just today I have like 44% at Level 2 now I am at 15% at Level 2 and its frustating since this may as well just keep happening, not sure why the mods manually take out the non-spam alongside the spam since its not really fair for the people who try so hard to get to Level 3, which at this point is literally impossible.

    13 february 2021 22:10 1628

    Theres a reason why theres only <1% of account that reached level 3. Its like gamehaq was trying their best to make sure no one can get to that lvl.

    14 february 2021 18:28 1628

    Yesterday, I got my exp to 200 from 180. Today, it went donw to 160 O_o? I managed to it back to 190 but after a few hours, its gone down to 180. Scammy site yo. If this comment get deleted, I'm outa here. I have been stuck at lvl 2 since 2017

    14 february 2021 18:32 1628

    me same i dont know why im confused

    5 june 2021 10:29 1628

    yeah i heard of that thing i don't like it cause i don't like to talk to much but u can't open or claim prises under lvl 1 so here we go typing as mush as u can

    5 june 2021 13:39 1628

    Yeah its part of rigging the system so they can avoid people cashing out. By making it look easy to make soul gems you think you can cash out, but then suddenly you have to hit level 3 and getting there takes forever. So by limmiting peope from spamming. They make people take weeks to level up and hope they just give up so they never cash out.

    11 july 2021 00:09 1628

    just dont spam and you;ll never lose you xp

    28 september 2021 13:24 1628

    Yeah, A bunch of stuff that gives either XP or SG is freaking either bugged, or is purposely made the way it is, because a few days ago I completed a quest, as in did exactly as the quest said, but it got rejected?
    Like, I even sent a screenshot and everything, but they rejected me even when I did that...
    And isn't getting SG supposed to stop you from getting Frog?
    Because I keep getting SG from Minigames and TV-Zone, but it doesn't reset the counter back to an entire week, it keeps getting closer and closer to frog...

    29 september 2021 20:24 1628

    Does anyone answer these ever?

    4 november 2021 11:48 1628

    maybe you guys talk too much and they count it as spam

    5 november 2021 17:48 1628

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