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    I can't put the screenshot of the task on

    Whenever I put my "Total Battle" finished task screenshot it just says "please reload page" I reload the page and even shut down my computer but it still doesn't work. This is the second time because the first screenshot was rejected because it wasn't the entire screen. Any help? Is there a way to give the screenshot and get my 63 soul gems?

    12 october 2020 18:07 1628

    this seems to be a common problem here.

    12 october 2020 18:19 1628

    i also have the problem of uploading

    13 october 2020 04:26 1628

    Im confused, try clearing browser cookies?

    13 october 2020 06:35 1628

    @arnoldantu You can't either?

    13 october 2020 17:22 1628

    Yeah maybe i will try clearing browser cookies

    13 october 2020 17:23 1628

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