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    can someone reply me im trying to be lvl 2

    thanks tho

    7 october 2020 17:18 1628

    I would suggrest you write more text than you do, as it can be seen as spam not to do so.. also short pointless messages could be concidered as spam aswell.

    from what i can see, some of your replys to threads you've just made would be seen as spam, and when spam is removed you'll lose xp, so better spend a bit more time on replying..

    7 october 2020 17:22 1628

    im sorry im New i wont do it again

    7 october 2020 17:23 1628

    we are not stupid, im just New..

    7 october 2020 17:30 1628

    am new pls how does it work

    7 october 2020 17:35 1628

    Try to do things

    7 october 2020 18:54 1628

    okay thanks

    7 october 2020 18:54 1628

    please here a quest you need to go in games go down to the chat and type and u hiv
    e our sg

    7 october 2020 19:04 1628

    I've been marked as spam like three times, so the only thing I can tell you is that it is very strict. I'm 100% sure that I didn't do any spam though so I have to warn you to be very careful of doing stuff like this.

    7 october 2020 19:40 1628

    okay thanks, i didnt wanted to do spam im just new i was trying to learn this app..

    7 october 2020 19:42 1628

    yes I can reply to you

    8 october 2020 16:11 1628

    try to make meaningful messages and topics so it doesn't seem like you are only doing it for the Exp find topics that you like and talk about them

    8 october 2020 17:04 1628

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