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    Cloudpunk review

    You start as a new driver for a delivery company, pick up packages from customers and delivering it, seems boring but NO, it has a good storyline where you get to decide between right and wrong by saying it, will you do what you are paid to do or will you do what you think is the right thing to do, even though the company you work for might not be that legitimate or is it.?

    The Location and map

    This is a retro future style adventure game(made with voxel technology), with an immersive atmospheric city and a real feel of the future as we have created it in previous movies from the 70’s,80’s and 90’s, with a population that makes it feel that the city is alive and busy. With sky scrapers touching the clouds and cars flying under above and in airways. It is always night time and gives you that feeling of a city that never sleeps and that the future is not going to be all sunshine. There is different areas, from the poor residential areas to penthouses, it has it all. The clouds are also very alive, looks like lightning rich storm clouds. Probably with time how the sky evolved from pollution, at least that is the feeling I got when I played it.

    You have map with all the POI’s on it, your missions is interactive with a communication system on your vehicle, that will give you instruction through an operator otherwise known as control that is always in contact with you, you can visit most locations and climb out of your vehicle to explore the different locations. The map is quite big and divided in sections which is connected with a tunnel system.


    The vehicle (HOVA) and controls

    The vehicle (HOVA) use fuel can be damaged and the best of all it can be upgraded, the controls in the beginning is basic but it takes a while to get used to when turning, the turn judgement makes it a bit challenging as you can only fly the vehicle in 3rd person, but in general it is fun to fly and you can ascend and descend, hop into an airway like a highway to fly faster or fly in the back alleys but at a slower rate. If you ever enjoyed the movie Fifth Element and Blade Runner this is for you. There is landing pads throughout the city where you can land and disembark. You can stop at refueling stations for upgrade repairs or just to fill up.


    The character and movement

    You play as Rania, just an average young adult that just moved and trying to make a living in the big city; you have your very own apartment, which you can buy new furniture and decorations, with a nice view from your balcony. You can play either in 3rd person or 1st person perspective, controls is the standard WASD keys so movement is easy. You can talk to most NPC’s, drink a coffee at a coffee stand, or order a pizza. You play just like you want to. 


    I don’t want to spoil too much, so I will say give it a go, the storyline is good, and the atmosphere is brilliant. This is not online so perfect for the solo player that enjoys a good story. This is also not a shoot them up game. I rate it a 9/10

    6 october 2020 21:06 1625

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