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    Hints for completing the tasks of "Oblivia: The Lost City"

    Today after approximately 6 (almost) intense days I've finally finished all of the tasks for "Oblivia: The Lost City", which officially is my first completed game at gamehag!

    Task 1 (reach level 35) and task 2 (reach level 45) are quite easy - I finished them during my first day with the game. But task 3 (reach level 55) takes the longest time to beat. That's because the player character levels up slowly as soon as he/she reaches level 50.

    The only way to "pass the time" effectively is by participating in the Arena (PvP-battles), completing the daily quests since they give lots of EXP (relatively speaking) and through offline EXP.

    I used to think that defeating thugs and other lowlives would give lots of EXP as well. But that's not the case here.

    But don't the main story missions give lots of EXP as well? Well... After level 50 the missions require you to level up in order to do them. Ironic, isn't it? You want to do missions in order to level up, but now the missions require you to level up before you can do them.

    When you've completed all of the tasks for "Oblivia: The Lost City" you will earn a total amount of 167+167+222 = 556 Soul Gems!

    Good luck fellow wizards and witches!

    25 july 2018 11:48 2905

    2 days ago i sen screen at 35 lvl and in 10 min or so got refused i sent a nother screen whit lvl 45 and got refused again ( still on task 1) then i send last screen at lvl 51 and still got refused! i did all what i needed to do registred via gameheg link sent printscreens got level up's and dont have multiple accounts not in this damd game not in gameheg! question What i did wron way im still on Task 1 (reach level 35) if i alredy got up to 51 and sent all screen but still did no get reword... https://ibb.co/ftdKeT screenshoot

    29 july 2018 03:47 2905

    https://ibb.co/gwoiOo here got my 1st task done now same thing on 2nd task alredy sent a ticket...

    29 july 2018 12:10 2905

    At last got 55 lvl just hope Admins will check my Ticket for 2nd quest so i can finish 3rd at last... its taking like for ever to get 55 lvl and then 2 more days to get reword https://ibb.co/bDR1do

    30 july 2018 06:02 2905

    @ivo_lanka If you've sent the admins a ticket, they will look at it sooner or later. That's the way it is. There are times when they responded to mine after a few days.

    I did tell all of you that the 3rd task was the most time-consuming one. But it seems you managed to reach level 55 in less than 6 days. Kudos to you!

    30 july 2018 08:57 2905

    Yep i got 55 in 3 days

    30 july 2018 09:26 2905

    @ivo_lanka Only 3 days? I'm impressed!

    Then I think you can share your experiences with your fellow gamehag-users here. What did you do to reach level 55 in only 3 days instead of 6?

    30 july 2018 09:33 2905

    did all quests till 50 lvl After thet spend all posible coupons ( free curency did not donate) on Exp boosts ( From PvP From guild shop) and then just use "auto Battling" ... 1 from 3 days i was most offline but 2 days hard afk Battling xD just try get in guild faster so you will have 20 guild quests each day! And thets it 55 lvl in 3 days ^^

    30 july 2018 10:31 2905

    @ivo_lanka 👏 Well done! 👏

    I never managed to join a guild. That explains why I couldn't level up as fast as you did.

    30 july 2018 21:51 2905

    @Greenleaf Like i sad befor GUild gives you 20 daylie quests + Guild shop wear u can use points u get for donating to guild and can buy x3 EXP chip's and fight guild event boss for gear and Exp! So it helps a lot! Chears^^ i hope this will help you guys to get 55lvl faster xD have fun ^^

    31 july 2018 01:31 2905

    @ivo_lanka While I doubt that I'll replay "Oblivia: The lost city", but how does a new player join a guild? I think this information would be useful for him/her.

    31 july 2018 09:19 2905

    All you need to join guild is level 31. At level 31 u can click on guild icon and you will se guild list on my server there was just 5 guilds in list. Just take one you like best and join

    31 july 2018 12:13 2905


    Good guide how to get 55 lvl in 6 days
    Well Let me tell you how i got 55 level just in 3 days
    So we all know there are 3 tasks in "Oblivia:The Lost City"
    Reach the level 35 of your hero
    Reach the level 45 of your hero
    Reach the level 55 of your hero
    Okey all is fun and fast from 1 - 35 level Just go do quests and boom! Your level 35 ( 1st task done) and u got your 167 Soul Gems
    Next you get 2nd task. So you do same thing you did form level 1-35.. Keep questing and doing all events you can do at the time your playing. But wen you get to level 40 start using "EXP chips" x1.5 x2 !
    You get them from quests or buy in "Mall" using "Coupon" ( not Diamond like i sad "no donate" ) EXP chips will give you good boost for next 10 levels!
    So now you past lvl 45 and 2nd task is done +167 Soul Gems
    You are still leveling fast just by doing quests and Events the game offers you.. But not for long...
    Now your a big boy/girl.. level 50 ( almost done with 3rd task) but here comes fan part you all out of quests! Well, you take you coupons and got to Mall for EXP chip refill and start grinding ( best place to do it is "Tigers Nest" lvl 50-60 mobs)
    Start for 50 lvl "Slum Thief" but if you go your set all +4 or more you can skip to lvl 52 "Underworld Boxer"
    Oh right there is one big secret.. Before you start last day farming, JOIN THE GUILD!
    Joining the guild will give you 20 quests each day and you will be able to use " EXCH" in guild ( its like guild shop) to buy "x3 EXP chips"
    after u get to 53 just go and farm on lvl 55 "Battle Machine" and do your "Arena" each day till you get your 55 level and finish 3rd task + you get 271 Soul Gems

    And this is all you need to know about "Oblivia:The Lost City" to get you 3 tasks done in 3 days

    Big Thanks to Greenleaf for his guide and info on "Oblivia:The Lost City"

    It was fun to play this kinda automatic and fully afk grinding game but i'm mostly sure that at level 55 most of us, who got so far will quit playing it anyways... Sure there will be some who will love to donate 200$ and get all top gear just to show off... Sure go on have fun ^^ but this game is not for me to play longer then 3 days :D
    I hope this will help you guys to get them Soul Gems faster :) Cheers :)

    31 july 2018 13:13 2905

    @ivo_lanka But how does a player join a guild? Which buttons should she/she press on? I don't remember seeing any guild button when I played the game.

    31 july 2018 19:41 2905

    @Greenleaf like i sad click on Guild icon and join one of guild in list or press "g" ingame to open guild tab

    1 august 2018 20:23 2905

    @ivo_lanka As I said before, I didn't see any Guild icon. Even if it was there, I didn't know what it looked like and where I should find it on the screen. So pressing the "G" key ingame is a better solution I think.

    2 august 2018 00:30 2905

    @Greenleaf https://ibb.co/ikT3WK here is guild icon 😎

    2 august 2018 12:22 2905

    @ivo_lanka Ah! 🤦 At the bottom of the screen, to the left of the "Companion" icon... Thanks! 👍👍

    Heh, you've even reached Lv 62. I'm still at Lv 55. 🆒🆒

    2 august 2018 12:58 2905

    yea i sen a lot of ticket and answer was thet dont have same name in game but now it's all good got my reword and almost 65 lvl aredy :D

    5 august 2018 15:54 2905

    @ivo_lanka I think it's strange. 🤔 If you've sent a screenshot of your gameplay, then how can the staff claim that you've a different name in the game?

    But it doesn't matter anymore since you now have completed all of the tasks. 😃

    Lv 65? Do you enjoy "Oblivia: The Lost City" that much? I completely stopped playing it after I got all of my rewards.

    6 august 2018 13:57 2905

    They dont accept my task, i got rejected 3 times because the game dont let me to but similar or same name to there
    and gamehag thinks its not my screenshot. anyone can help

    18 august 2018 21:22 2905

    @Fancyboy I assume you've already contacted the staff and they told you the screenshot you submitted to them "wasn't yours", yes?

    19 august 2018 01:29 2905

    @Fancyboy But most importantly: Did you register your Oblivia-account through gamehag's link? Because if you didn't, then gamehag won't accept your tasks. If you did, contact Misty again.

    19 august 2018 01:33 2905

    game is the best just get good

    16 april 2021 11:50 2905

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