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    don't use surveys

    survey is scam I tested 4 survey and none gave me any rewards

    2 october 2020 19:53 1628

    the reason why the survey didn't work for you is that your still too young so you might have made some kind of mistake during the survey or the survey might have already met it's satisfied amount of testers. so please don't give one-sided opinions without properly going through them with other people

    (the survey works, as I got about 20 sg from one survey after trying out 7 different ones. the only bad thing about surveys is that some may not even need your opinions or you may need to properly answer each and every single question, also you must pick the best survey which is suited for you. If a survey is about women and if your a man then just leave that survey and do another one or maybe call upon ur sister/girlfriend/girl as a friend/mom to do it for you)

    2 october 2020 20:11 1628

    some advices for surveys: aged 30-40 years old, manager position or above as job, big size enterprise (more than 100 employees), residence in big city, smoker, car owner ...

    2 october 2020 20:34 1628

    yeah I have never been rewarded for a survey

    2 october 2020 20:49 1628

    @MookGamer it WAS a one-sided opinion until people came to properly discuss the topic thoroughly

    3 october 2020 14:01 1628

    rip your time wasted mate

    3 october 2020 14:08 1628

    surveys are hard to qualify but when you are qualified they are so high quality

    3 october 2020 18:10 1628

    Tôitried to fo survey and never got any

    3 october 2020 18:37 1628

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