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    So, these days i have been having trouble with some of my tasks and they have been rejected but i usually get the rewards after i submit an appeal. So today i wanted to share with you guys how i do it so it might help some of you out. You still have to make sure that you have the done the tasks correctly and that you have sent good screenshots though. Don't rush in to appeal. Play the waiting game a little bit. If you get your Soul Gems in the end, it's all worth it.

    Here is how i do it:

    1. If your tasks gets rejected after sending a screenshot, send a better screenshot if you can. Maybe zoom-in the page a little bit if it's on browser, or make sure your name is clearly visible in game.

    2.If that also gets rejected, go to Misty in your friend list and start a chat or click "submit a ticket".

    3. Answer "Yes" on her first question.

    4. Choose the option "Tasks, wall of offers, minigames."

    5. Choose "My task has not been accepted." That's when your tasks gets rejected after verification.

    6. It's important that the registration is done through gamehag, so if it is, answer "Yes" here as well.

    7.If you have made sure that your screenshots are good quality and fullscreen, select the first option. If it's something else, read the other options and select from there.

    8. It's important that you have only account, so if that's the case, the first option. If you have more than one, click the second option.

    9.Now, it's time to write the actual appeal. It's pretty simple and if you have done everything correctly you should get your rewards soon enough.

    Here's what i write:

    ""Game Name" - I have sent 2 screenshots of good quality where my username is and the completion of the task is clearly visible. I have only 1 gamehag account and the registration was done through gamehag's "Play for free" button. I am certain i have done the task correctly."

    Now, i know you answer misty the same things but it's important to write it as well so it seems like you care enough. I would usually get my rewards in like, 2 hours of writing the appeal, but don't be discouraged if it takes longer. Remember that you might have to wait up to 4 days before writing an appeal because it can take up to 48 hours to get one screenshot verified. Don't get frustrated, you can do other tasks while waiting for one that's getting verified.

    If this does work for me, be sure to let me know in this thread. I would be glad to know i could have been of help.
    That's all from me.

    Have a nice day!

    N.B! - Remember that while this works for me, it might not necessarily work for you. Be sure to write the appeal in an understandable way.

    19 july 2018 05:14 1628

    Thank you very much. It is well explained. I thought that short and simple tickets well be read immedialtely, but I think that mine was very short and lacked important information. I hope it works the way you explained because I have been waiting for a long time !

    12 may 2020 10:17 1628

    Thanks for that :)

    12 may 2020 10:20 1628

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