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    So, most kids know about this fun game called roblox, and their's a currency called robux. But, most kids don't know how to earn robux for free. 

    So, the first step in signing up is very basic, although I recommend lying about your age so you can avoid the parent confirmation email and all that. So, when you first sign up you go to you home screen and the currency for your robux is zero. Search up bloxland (I know it is actually a legit website), after doing that you click on the bloxland website and when you reach the bloxland webpage, you sign in with your roblox username. The first thing you must do is verify, so you can create a password and so no one else can use your account in bloxland. My recommendation for the offers is to first click Aye-T and do the solitare cube which gives 288 robux and the Blackout Bingo which gives 178 robux, for each you must download, install and win 5-6 games of each. For each bloxland dollar you earn you get one robux. So, it's basically one for one thing. It's super simple and their's even a Quests button on the bottom and for every 10 robux and higher you earn you can claim 3 extra robux in Quests. Their's also a giveaway for every hour which if you win you win 25 roblux! 
    A lot of you may be wondering how is this legit? So, if you click withdraw it tells your roblox account to join a group. You MUST join this group (Don't worry you can always leave the group it is not permenament.) After joining in bloxland you click confirm withdraw and in your roblox account, after refreshing, you have your robux!!!!

    In roblox their are many well made games, but if your like a girly-girl you could play Royale High or if you like roleplay you should play Adpot Me. If you like team defence or something like that, you could totally play Arsenal or Counter Block. Trading is like a VIP only. It's for people who are in Builder's Club which requires Robux to join, most things in roblox requires robux. So, robux is very important. If you want to buy things in the catalog you must have robux. But, in codes (their are codes), codes are free to use and you can get some free items with codes. Codes are easy to find they are mostly on a webpage which shows you all the avaliable codes. 

    If you want to change your username again you must have one thousand robux to change it. I should also cover another topic on setting which is called the pin. Your pin could protect all your info againest hackers who try to use your account and lock you out, but if you forget your pin their's a verification code sent to the email you input. So, I must suggest you write all your roblox information down on paper if you tend to forget certain things!!!! Their's also scammers who can scam you of a certain item in a game. DON'T fall for their tricks because the report button dosen't work and if you sent a complaint to roblox it might be days before they reply to you and usernames with numbers and random words can be easy to forget so whatever you do if a person offers you a item in another game do not accept!

    21 september 2020 20:11 1625

    Roblox is a good game to mess around with and paly with friends.
    There are actually a few greatly developed games that are liked by many people in the community.

    17 january 2021 12:11 1625

    Selam Dayi

    18 january 2021 17:41 1625


    18 january 2021 17:41 1625

    no sorry the website is completely broken so no

    18 january 2021 21:01 1625

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