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    I'm not getting gems or XP from creating threads, posting comments and voting on articles. What should I do?

    What should I do? I have been doing all of these tasks and am still not getting any reward.

    17 september 2020 13:09 1628

    sometimes its just a glitch, that is if you havent already reached the max daily XP limit; if this has been going on for a few days you might want to ask Misty about it

    17 september 2020 13:20 1628

    ya kinda idk why they do this

    17 september 2020 13:40 1628

    I think Not getting xp is a frog effect... And you don't get xp from voting on articles.

    17 september 2020 22:00 1628

    and aren't you already turned into a frog ??

    18 september 2020 05:23 1628

    does turning into a frog stops you from getting xp

    18 september 2020 05:29 1628

    I have not turned into a frog yet

    18 september 2020 06:19 1628

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