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    A problem with Gamehag

    Hi, I don't know if it's only me or others also experience this (or maybe you experienced this situation before). It's more than two days that there is no article to review and I can find no offer and no app zone ad to watch. Especially about app zone, when I try to watch an ad, it displays a black screen for about 1 minutes and then returns to the app. You may argue that this might be an ad that cannot display properly, but it gives me no gem. About this problem, I've tried anything with my phone without any change in result. Share your opinions and solutions (if any).

    14 july 2018 11:16 1628

    Hey bro,
    Mine app zone doesnt work at all. I watch add, install, play for 15min, return and nothing.. So dont be mad cause of it, its same as contracts, which mostly doesnt work.

    14 july 2018 16:10 1628

    Mine was working, it suddenly stopped.

    14 july 2018 16:24 1628

    Try clearing ur cache

    16 july 2018 04:18 1628

    I did that. I've also cleaned up my phone and also re-installed the app.

    16 july 2018 06:43 1628

    My app zone work, but I can't review articles anymore. :(

    17 july 2018 09:28 1628

    I hope they fix it.

    17 july 2018 09:29 1628

    So ma y problem. So many complains. Dats life

    17 july 2018 09:36 1628

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