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    how to level up fast

    i want to know how you can level up to level 15 quick to finish the task in gamehag

    12 september 2020 19:18 2785

    the only way i know is commenting on forums and such

    12 september 2020 19:35 2785

    unfortunately it's really hard to do it when you are even at level 2

    12 september 2020 19:36 2785

    you need to comment 5 times to level up to level 2
    and for level 3 you need to comment way more than that, a ridiculously high amount of comments

    12 september 2020 19:37 2785

    if playing free the fastest level 15 took 4-6 days and that playing every hour unless you buy gem. do every request from boat as many can that give exp and gold . dont waste gold except build house , house give very plenty exp to lvl up. additionally give animal food that give 10 exp and sometimes drop something that useful later

    12 september 2020 20:16 2785

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