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    so this game give you soul gems?

    i think yes but idk

    25 august 2020 07:16 4291

    if you can do the tasks related

    25 august 2020 10:41 4291

    ^^ What Vineey said. It's only for the tasks - this game does not work like the mini-games where you can continuously harvest small amounts of Soul Gems.

    26 august 2020 03:44 4291

    I think it does I dont know

    26 august 2020 22:13 4291

    To get soul gems in this game you have to complete tasks 1st task is to make a character and send a screenshot to them 2nd is complete the tutorial and send them a screenshot but I don't know the third as it takes 11 hours for a new task to appear.

    27 august 2020 04:06 4291

    used to biut they discontinued them

    7 october 2020 22:03 4291

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