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    How to not become a frog?

    on my prev account i done around 5 tasks in 1 week but still became a frog... why? note. i deleted that account

    18 august 2020 20:52 1628

    Well, look, each accepted task gives you a 6-day "grace period". However, if you think that the more tasks you complete the longer the duration of the Magic Shield will be, then the system doesn't work in this way. That is, if you successfully complete 5 tasks one after another, each of them will simply reset the counter to the "standart" value.

    The VIP has a slightly different system, but I will omit it for now. As for the current situation, as long as no edits and additional changes have been adopted, I personally would recommend that you strategically approach the frequency of completing the game tasks that you have in stock, especially if there are few offers in your region. Also remember that the App Zone also enhances your Magic Shield. Good luck! :)

    18 august 2020 22:21 1628

    oh okay, thanks.

    18 august 2020 22:22 1628

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