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    How it works

    State of Survival

    (4.15/5) 1826 rates

    Play and get

    4150 4980
    Soul Gems

    For 1 quests

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Complete city level 23. This must be done within 20 days of installing. Only for new players installing for the first time.

    Is it as fun as it is in the ads?

    I sure do hope so

    17 august 2020 22:33 8394

    well honestly, the game is somewhat fun at first and does have stuff similair to what is in the ads, but the majority of gameplay is like "Kings of Avalon" and "Guns and Glory" where it is mostly costly pay to win online involvement with other players and alliances in PvE and PvP and kingdom vs kingdom events, just everything is skinned and themed around zombies and survival. Also trading function is currently missing and has been for a long time (as of 9/14/2020) so not the best game for trying to get soul gems through creating multiple accounts.

    Such games are NOT for the weak of heart or free players (though free play is possible, but will be slow to develop your settlement.)

    15 september 2020 07:54 8394

    Also my opinion from over a year of playing the online games by Kings group like SoS and KoA, is keep expectations about chinese game developers low, because contrary to what they say publicly, they are not great game developers, and ultimately will care more about making money than on pleasing players, fixing bugs, quality balanced gameplay and properly tested changes. After all, game balance must be in favor of the big spenders to get them to keep shelling out huge sums of money.

    15 september 2020 08:12 8394

    give me a like and money

    20 september 2020 15:53 8394

    Pls help me, i already finished the task, but i didnt received my sg

    21 september 2020 05:13 8394

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