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    Selective accessibility of the game link depending on the time of day

    Greetings here!
    Recently, while completing game tasks for SAO, I noticed that those tasks, along with the game link itself (the "Play Free" button), are only available for a few hours (after approximately 2:00 pm or 3:00 pm PST). Therefore, I'd like to know if players from different regions have encountered such an issue, and what is the reason for its occurrence. A similar question was partially raised here earlier, but unfortunately I did not see any asensible answers of current interest. Thank you for the replies and opinions!

    P.S. Please do not spam, respect the work of the moderators and each other, too.

    15 august 2020 19:12 4291

    I'm sorry if the thread is too old but I can confirm this issue. Some weeks ago, I saw this game poping up in the games tab between 10 pm and 11 pm and wanted to start it in the morning but after I woke up I saw it was gone. So, I concluded I was unlucky and moved on. It was until Today that I realized that the game has returned at the same time as before. It's pretty weird that it's doing that isn't it? Either way, I'll try to remain awake at this time so I can complete the tasks up.

    1 september 2020 01:42 4291

    @FaizKTG The thread is not so old, it has been created less than a month ago :)
    Thank you sincerely for your reply. As far as I learned, the game really has time limits (in terms to send the screenshots, etc.), but the tasks are pretty easy to make, which is a positive moment. Good luck to you with them!

    1 september 2020 01:55 4291

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