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    The implementing of chat function (allowing 3-4-more users to have a talk in direct messages)

    My suggestion is already described in the thread title in brief. It would be a great possibility for better solving of issues touching several people.
    For example, if users have any conflicts or they are involved into some problem discussion with moderator(s), they could use such "extended chat" instead of being an "intermediary" in terms of forwarding messages from each other. It would also allow you to stay on the site without using additional messengers, etc.

    I've noticed a kind of such system resembling being already implemented in form of various support workers joining the chat when I write to Misty, so it should be great to even extend such opportunity in terms of the user's chats as well.
    Thank you and have a nice day!

    14 august 2020 15:26 8369

    Sounds good, thanks for your suggestion and it has been sent to the team for consideration!
    Locking thread. 🔒

    15 august 2020 14:35 8369

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