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    Rise of Kingdoms

    anyone completed and received the gems for reaching level 17 castle, for this game? ive completed the task about a week ago, and nothing. any experiences?

    13 august 2020 10:40 1628

    Yes, I received my soul gems

    13 august 2020 16:42 1628

    how long after?

    13 august 2020 18:01 1628

    if its been a week you should talk to misty, it might not have realized you finished the quest or it didnt count if its been that long; the mobile app quests always seem a bit more hit or miss to me on paying out but ;-; quest shortage

    13 august 2020 18:06 1628

    is it automatic or you need to provide a proof?

    13 august 2020 19:31 1628

    I was complete the task 2 times, the first time, it was automatic. Then, the second(with emulator), was by screenshot(made and send from the same device that you were registed)

    13 august 2020 22:35 1628

    where did you send the screenshot? zom25

    13 august 2020 22:37 1628

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