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    Why did they drop dx9 support?

    Sucks cuz i cant play cuz of it

    12 august 2020 21:34 2176

    Idk why, makes no sense

    16 august 2020 13:13 2176

    does anyone know ?

    17 august 2020 00:02 2176

    This is from their official statement:

    Greetings to all Survivors!

    As we all know, progress never stands still. You can even see it in the post-apocalyptic world of the Wasteland, what can we say about the real world? Our project is no exception, and we strive to offer players a high-quality and modern game full of opportunities.

    From July 1, we plan to stop supporting DirectX 9 in Crossout. The latest version of DirectX 9 came out as far back as 2004, and we believe that it's time to abandon its support for the sake of further development of the game. After the support stops, you will no longer be able to launch Crossout using DirectX 9. At the moment, according to our data, the vast majority of Crossout players already use DirectX 11.

    What will the end of DirectX 9 support yield? Many new opportunities to improve the graphics component of the game, more stable work of the client (since all our efforts will be concentrated only on support for DirectX 11), as well as getting rid of various limitations imposed by the outdated DirectX 9. As an example: we remember your numerous questions about the limitation on the number of stickers that can be attached to the armored car at the same time. We plan that some time after the end of DirectX 9 support this unfortunate restriction will be removed, and in the future you will be able to change the appearance of your armored cars the way you want to.

    Please note! In order to find out which version of DirectX your game client is using at the moment, you can use the key F11 directly in the game. The number after ‘D3D’ will be the version of DirectX used by the game. To hide this information, press F11 a few more times.

    How to switch the DirectX version in Crossout?
    To do this, you need to complete a few simple steps:

    After starting the game Launcher you need to go to the settings (the spanner icon in the upper right corner of the window).
    In the window that opens, in the ‘Graphics API’ field you need to select DirectX

    20 august 2020 10:24 2176

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