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    Problem with login

    I tried today to login to my gamehag from 2 different browsers but I got message "login from different localisation is not possible" even if I am still in same county. Anyone have same problem?

    9 august 2020 20:49 1628

    it could sound like you're usein a vpn?

    10 august 2020 00:11 1628

    I used my second Internet and it worked. After that I returned to my main net and it was all right.

    10 august 2020 00:34 1628

    just dont log in when your already logged in on a differnt tab.

    10 august 2020 03:03 1628

    Probably a glitch. I am happy that you have resolved it.

    10 august 2020 04:11 1628

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