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    Crossout is better that I tought LOL :')

    It's a good free to play game !!!

    4 august 2020 17:58 2176

    Yea graphics still hold up today and gameplay is fast and quick and building your own car idea fits the game's post apocalyptic word very good.

    4 august 2020 22:28 2176

    I remember waiting hours for a cabin to drop prices so I can buy it for my car, unfortunately, I lost my old account but I didn't have any problem making another account and got a lot of stuff on my first day.

    4 august 2020 22:29 2176

    good game very good good game very good

    6 august 2020 06:34 2176

    comparing to War Thunder this game have more to advance to always playable game

    6 august 2020 12:22 2176

    Yes its a good game

    6 august 2020 20:01 2176

    Yes, it's better than I expected with its many features actually. Firstly, this game has a story. Many games nowadays do not have one. Secondly, modifying and upgrading vehicles. Because there are so many possibilities. You can build a different vehicle every time you try. If you don't want to bother, there is also an automatic build option too.

    7 august 2020 23:42 2176

    you're wrong

    11 august 2020 20:39 2176

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