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    Tips for voting articles correctly

    For those who vote for the articles before they are published, here are some tips I follow for you- 1) Search the text from the article on google. If you find the same content, try to see if the author is the same (try to look for similarities in the name). If you don't see any or the article is written long ago then only you report it as Plagiarized. P.S. - Many times, some facts or information have to be stated the same; that cannot be stated as plagiarism. 2)If you don't find much similarities, read and check the article for how well it is written and rate accordingly. NOTE: Please don't rate articles you don't know anything about or report them as spam. I've seen many articles worthy of publishing but not making it there (including mine as well). So remember to help your fellow members and report only the wrongdoers.

    3 august 2020 12:16 1628

    Oh i didn't know about that kind of plagiarism. Also I don't think I've searched for those guides, I'll look into it. I just wrote this bc of my recent experience on gamehag

    3 august 2020 12:44 1628

    Great read but i don't think people report based on google search that's why you see some great articles not published. People report in hopes of scoring soul gems

    3 august 2020 15:50 1628

    @obcd1 >People report in hopes of scoring soul gems
    Currently users don't receive SG if they mark articles as spam or plagiarism. Also, please, remember that articles are still checking manually by moderators in the end.

    @AnimationPr0 Agree with you, however "the right way" is still a spacial and subjective concept even if you have a template :) As for me, I either try to say some words about what & why I am doing when voting on article, or I put a link to an original article when rejecting it as plagiarism. As for the second thing, I just wish to help those who will check it, too, and especially to moderators, if it is actually needed. Maybe later I'll get to the point that this is quite useless, but right now it seems important for me for some reasons.

    3 august 2020 16:11 1628

    bro no tricks will work just rate genuinely it would be enough

    3 august 2020 17:58 1628

    now the vote not even worth you only get like 1 sg for 1 correct vertification last time was 5 sg

    4 august 2020 05:36 1628

    You don't get anything if you vote it as spam - but how else I suppose to vote it if it's just a bunch of garbage?
    Just today I was offered for voting 2 of those - both looked like copypasted google search results slapped together with some garbage text randomly smashed on keyboard...
    What else it if not a spam?

    4 august 2020 05:55 1628

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